Behavior Begets Behavior

How we show up- how we act- DRIVES how others respond to us, how others learn to treat us, how we will ACT in our next step, transaction, or choice. Behavior drives behavior. If people are not responding to you the way you want them to...try changing how you are showing up! If interesting trends … Continue reading Behavior Begets Behavior

Deliberate Indifference & Reckless Disregard

Life moves fast. We leave people voice messages, we shoot out those text questions, hit send before reading drafted emails, pop-up with task-driven questions or directions. Are we pausing and consciously thinking about the person receiving the message? Or simply checking off a task with deliberate indifference and reckless disregard for the consequences of our acts on others?

Self Leadership On Gopher Valley

  1979. Gopher Valley Rd., Sheridan, Oregon. “Cora, run to town and get me a pack of cigarettes.” “I can’t. I can’t drive. I can’t do it. No.” “You can do it. You will do it. Go. Now.” At 16, having had my license for 3 months, I totaled my father’s car and put myself … Continue reading Self Leadership On Gopher Valley

The Value of the Father-Daughter Relationship

Celeste Friedman is an award-winning singer who has tried marriage twice and has had many live-in boyfriends. Now she remains happily single, and she has written Single 101. When Cora Lonning’s parents divorced when she was 17, she held the divorce against her father for leaving her, deciding not to trust any men. But when … Continue reading The Value of the Father-Daughter Relationship

A Conversation: Just What Is Coaching Anyway!

Let’s say you are the kind of person that grows best when you have someone guiding you: someone asking powerful questions; someone very caring to help you through rough spots; someone you can feel in partnership and candid with; and someone who remains neutral and keeps everything you say confidential--no shame, no blame, just support, … Continue reading A Conversation: Just What Is Coaching Anyway!