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Actionable Training

Each course provides you with the tools to help you formulate ideas, apply them to your lives and develop and transform your work and your role for your company.

Impactful Assessments

Each course is supported with the option of a customized assessment to guide you toward targeting your gaps while enhancing your strengths. What really drives, inspires, and worries you? Others? Understanding ours and others personality types helps you build more meaningful relationships and productive transactions.

Strengths-Based Coaching

In addition to our professionally designed courses, supported by assessment, we provide the coaching to co-create implementation and application support through coaching.

What Our Students Have to Say

Coach Cora has become one of my largest assets and tools for growth. Her abilities to make one self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses far exceeds that of any other leadership and business training that I have received. Cora has helped me find my purpose and utilize my strengths in order to achieve my goals, while also teaching how to overcome conflicts in a strategic and beneficial way.
Tammi Pledger
Cora Lonning is an exceptional trainer, facilitator and communicator. Cora was recommended by a colleague and we partnered up to design a 1-day workshop for a group of executive coaches. She skillfully translated my request and designed a comprehensive, interactive and thoughtful training for my team. I was impressed with her attention to detail, expertise of materials, energy and humor. She exceeded my expectations as the team walked away with an increased awareness of adult learning styles and specific tools to use and improve their work with clients. Thank you Cora!
Erin Sinha
WOW! Are we spoiled at Whataburger to have Cora as part of our family! I have taken two classes with Cora and am set to take another in a few weeks. Like I said - spoiled. Cora is a talented and skillful facilitator. What sets her apart for me though happened recently. While taking a facilitation course Cora supplied me with feedback. This feedback was eye opening about a specific strength I possess and the responsibility that comes with it. I can't thank Cora enough for taking the time to push me to be a stronger facilitator and individual.
Nicki Taffola
Cora, has a fantastic ability to develop trust as a coach and in doing so peel back the onion for the best results. She is an expert in dealing with people, their thoughs, behaviors and how those areas affect others. I consider Cora to be only a handful of people I have encountered to have incredibly high Intergrity. I would let others decide if the coaching she provided me was successful, that said I would love to work with her again and would reccomend her services to any client. She is honest trutworthy and strong enough to tell you the right thing even if its not what you want to hear.
Jack Brownn

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